Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vans Fourty-Four Hi: East vs. West vs. Europe -Danny Wainwright-Blk

Model:Vans Forty- Four Hi (East vs. West vs. Europe)-Wainwright/Black
Year of Release:February 2009
Retail Price:$80

Vans has collaborated with both coast ans cross the Atlantic Ocean to create the East vs West vs Europe Pack. These are the Wainwright edition aka Europe, they come in a majority black suede upper with safari detail on the heel with a teal mid sole and purple laces.


Hayley Lay said...

where can you get these vans?

Hayley Lay said...

where did you get this design of vans and where did you buy it can you please give me the location?

Dustin Stetina said...

I've got a pair of 10.5s I'll sell you